About Timber Jim

Timber Jim (aka Jim Serrill) was the mascot for the United Soccer Leagues Portland Timbers soccer team. A fan favorite from the earlier North American Soccer League Portland Timbers, he came back in 2001 to join the new Portland Timbers.
In 1978 Jim was coming regularly to Timbers games with his family. Soon he asked the management of the Timbers (who were then owned by the timber company Louisiana-Pacific) if he could bring a chain saw to a game. They reluctantly allowed this and not too long after Timber Jim was created.
He later added to the chain saw raised high above his head by bringing a drum and other acts to the game. Soon he was scaling high above the large crowds at Civic Stadium on a tall pole or "snag." After the original Timbers team folded, Jim went back to work in the timber industry and later Portland General Electric. When the Timbers were reformed in 2001 he returned with the team. On January 24, 2008, Jim announced his retirement. He was replaced by Timber Joey in the middle of the 2008 season.
100% of all proceeds go to a cause or fund of Jim's choice.